Soda and Jana are affiliates of Nama Chemicals

SODA is an affiliate of NAMA Chemicals, a Saudi Joint Stock Company operating since 1992 in the Chemicals & Petrochemicals sector. Aside from anhydrous sodium hydroxide (Caustic Soda), NAMA’s operating units also produce a full range of Epoxy Resins for the global market, reactive diluents (epoxides) together with Caustic Soda liquid (49-51%), Sodium Hypochlorite (12%), Chlorine, Epichlorohydrine, Calcium Chloride (94-98%), (74%) and Hydrochloric Acid (32%).

SODA and JANA are affiliates of NAMA Chemicals.
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SODA is being managed by the same management team as JANA. Epoxy resins of various grades and formulation are being produced at JANA Epoxy Plant. As part of its backward integration, JANA constructed a plant to produce many of its own raw materials from local feedstock of salt and propylene. This is the intermediates plant of Nama.
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